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Paradigm Financial Strategies, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm located in Portland, OR. We provide fee-only, comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to everyday people and small businesses, regardless of their current financial positions.Our passion is for educating, empowering, and serving members of our community to take control of their financial affairs in order to assist our neighbors in living full and meaningful lives. 

Our services are offered on a fee-only basis. This means that the only compensation we receive comes directly from our clients, rather than from product sales commissions or referral fees. In addition, being fee-only allows us to act as fiduciaries to our clients, give candid and objective advice, and avoid the inherent conflicts of interest that are associated with commission-based compensation models. 

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Our comprehensive financial planning services provide individuals, families, and small business owners with holistic advice in a variety of categories including, but not limited to budgeting and cash flow; debt management; general business, tax, and estate planning; college savings plans; major purchases' and new family planning. Our services are tailored to meet your needs, and we seek to develop and nurture a relationship with you that extends beyond the conventional advisor-client dynamic.

Our financial planning process generally includes gathering information about your business or personal financial situation and working collaboratively with you to determine your specific needs, objectives, goals, and risk tolerance. We then analyze your current and future (if appropriate) financial situations and present a summary of the significant observations, assumptions and recommendations in each area for which we are engaged to provide advice. During this process, we will meet with you as often necessary for both parties to feel comfortable and secure in the relationship.


We employ a passive investment philosophy that focuses on indexed mutual funds and exchange traded funds. Employing a passive investment philosophy, also know as a "buy and hold" approach, means that we recommend investments with the intention of long-term appreciation and limited maintenance. We do not actively attempt to profit from short-term market fluctuations. If we believe it is right for you, we may also recommend a portion of your portfolio be allocated to fixed income securities (bonds).

Our investment advice is based on your needs. We establish investment objectives based on your particular circumstances through our personal discussions. We then develop your individual policy statement and create and manage your portfolio based on that policy. During our data gathering process, we determine your individual objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance and liquidity needs. As appropriate, we also discuss your prior investment history, tax situation, and family composition and background.

All investments in securities include a risk of losing your principal (invested amount) and any unrealized profits. You should be prepared to bear that risk. We ask that you work with us to help us understand your risk tolerance. The performance of any investment is not guaranteed.



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